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Unhealthy eating patterns

Are you eating the foods you shouldn't because of your behavioral eating patterns? We seem to form a way of eating that is actually harmful to our bodies even without our trying to lose weight. It is so quick and easy while out riding around to stop at a fast food establishment and order a burger and fries, and easy also to super size this fattening, artery, clogging meal. We just don't stop to think about what we are doing to ourselves eating all these saturated fat foods. It becomes a behavioral eating problem when it is done on a regular basis. We drive automatically

to these saturated fat places and order without even thinking, its quick, fast and easy. Once we do this a few times it becomes a habit and then becomes a behavioral eating problem.

There are people who eat just for the satisfaction of eating the high calorie, fat foods and they tend to crave these items. We have to break this behavioral eating pattern to be healthy, to maintain or to lose weight and we can.

The pattern can be broken by even stopping at the same fast food establishment and ordering a fresh salad with low fat dressing, and after a few times of ordering the salad and low fat dressing then that becomes a behavioral eating pattern that isn't a problem.

In order to change your food habits permanently, you must reach a critical turning point where you feel the the benefits of being thinner overshadow the costs and the effort involved. In other words you have to first change your mind set then your palate will follow.

Food sometimes will bring happiness to some people, such as the pure enjoyment of eating that burger and fries. Yes this food tastes good while we are eating it and we don't think about the behavioral eating pattern we are forming, just think about the pure enjoyment of having this favorite food combination.

To break these eating patterns we need to determine the importance of the "bad" foods for us, and the results of eating those foods. Then we have to determine the "good" foods for us and then determine the difference between the "bad" and the "good". It is possible to do this, it won't happen all in one day, one week or perhaps even one month but it can happen. We have to change our way of thinking, think about our health and what we are willing to do to achieve this elusive good health.

It is like we have to flip a switch from eating

in the "bad" foods and flip that switch to "good". How do we give up foods that give us pleasure, being able to eat what we want when we want, anytime we want? We have to do a complete turn around and think first about how important

the "bad" foods are and are they important enough to keep us in that same behavioral eating pattern.

Once we turn our minds around to a healthy way of thinking and also a healthy way of eating we will be breaking the behavioral eating patterns we have forms and before we know it we will have new behavioral eating patterns.

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