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Find The Cure To Acne And The Secret To Younger Looking Skin

For years people have searched for the miracle cream, or magic formula to younger, clearer looking skin. Many companies have pocketed millions from their products that often don't deliver on promises. For years I have personally struggled with acne. I have tried most products out there, even proactiv for over a year, it didn't help at all.

I have even attempted all natural methods such as applying aloe and drinking a lot of water. It has been over 8 years and I finally found something that works. One of the key things to remember, especially for guys, is that acne and razor bumps are different and should be handled differently. My acne has gotten a lot better recently, but no matter what, I get razor bumps when I shave. Razor bumps are caused by bacteria going into your skin after being cut from shaving.

Everyone gets it and I have found one of the most effective ways to treat razor bumps is using alcohol or betadine. These both have immense bacteria killing power, but can leave your skin very dry afterwards. The most effective skin care products I use have been neutrogena's. Their cleansers and creams are phenomenal.

Proactiv had the 3 step formula right, but the products did not work for me. Everyone's skin is different so I cannot speak for everyone, but my brother and I did not have the expected results. The three steps are cleanser, astringent, and cream. The first is to rinse and cleanse your pores, the second is to kill bacteria, and the third is to apply an acne killing medication. This formula is not fda approved, and may not work for everyone, but personally this has worked the best for me.

Although aloe by itself did little for my acne case, I discovered that aloe along with other natural substances and berries such as goji and mangosteen have had a significant impact on my skin. Acne has been around longer than most of these cleansers, so what did our ancestors do before proactiv and ageless. The answer to our skin problems should be contained in nature, unfortunately other harmful untested substances exist in nature, so no fact can be proven for sure yet.

The secret to firmer, younger looking skin? Unfortunately its trial and error. Due to so many races, complexions, and textures, not all skin cleansers work the same for everyone. Over time you can mix and match your own products to find something that works for you.

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