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Nutritional SupplementsThe Necessary Protocol

Nutritional Supplements found their origin the China under the auspices of one Carl Rehnborg during the early 1900's. It was out of necessity that perpetuated Mr. Rehnborg's interest in the fact that rural populations in China, even though poor, suffered less malunutrition and disease than their urban counterparts. At that time their was political unrest that confined Rehnborg to the urban areas and subsist, as others did, on Army rations only.

The results were widespread illness from malnutrition. Rehnborg avoided this condition, as did his friends, by consuming the broth Rehnborg made by boiling grasses, leaves, roots, and anything botanical source he could get his hands on. When they emerged after the unrest settled the results led him to study the relationship between humans and plants.

Mr. Rehnborg set up the first laboratory when he returned to the U.S. to research, conclude, then manufacturer these concentrated compounds in capsule form. That idea launched a revolution in nutritional supplementation that is extremely important especially in today's market place.

We now, especially in the United States where food growers are more concerned with quantity than quality, have a need for such nutritional supplementation. Disease rates today are skyrocketing and we seem to not even notice. This is the direct result of our corporate farming practices of fertilization/pesticide use, the absense of crop rotation, allowing soils to rest, growing hybrid and genetically modified foods etc.

The fast and processed foods industry is equally culpable. You simply can't get the nutritional firepower necessary to enable the daily repair and rebuilding of the human body with the non-nutrient dense foods that are available. Mix in the aspect of fast foods and processed foods and we are in the middle of a disaster.

This leaves us with only two options. #1 is to consume a highly varied natural foods diet. Organic food consumption isn't necessarily a guarantee in terms of nutritional quality and safety.

The farm raised salmon we eat today is not different. Nutrient deficient. The necessary Omega 3 fatty acids in farm raised salmon have been reduced so much due to dog food being substituted for the native salmon diet. There are other ways to acquire the Omega 3 fatty acids in plant and oils but it is much more convenient and simple to consume a high quality nutritional supplement to ensure maximum effectiveness. So the point is this: If you are one of those people who have stated that you take no vitamins and don't need any you may find yourself walking down the sickness and disease path sooner than you think.

No human can get away with depriving the body of natures repair nutrients forever. Disease doesn't happen acutely or because there is a lack of symptom stomping drugs in the body. It happens from decades of malnutrition. The human body is genetically designed to live 120 years glitch free before a shutdown sequence begins. If you want to make it to 100 health and highly productive years don't wait.

Waste no time in regaining your health with a well rounded nutritional supplement immediately.

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